Actors’ Equity Association Reaches New Agreement with Purple Rose Theatre Company

Chicago -- Actors’ Equity Association, the national union representing more than 51,000 professional actors and stage managers in live theatre, announced today they have reached a new agreement with the Purple Rose Theatre Company of Chelsea, MI. The agreement reflects a shared commitment to creating a safe workplace, free from the discrimination and harassment the company experienced under its previous leadership. The new agreement also includes advances in wages and work hours as well as additional safety provisions. 

The agreement began December 3, 2021 and expires on January 1, 2023. 

Key provisions include: 

  • Wage increases from SPT6 to 8 
  • Move to five-day workweek and elimination of “10 out of 12” technical rehearsals 
  • Increase in staged reading wages 
  • Elimination of time bars for reporting discrimination and harassment 
  • Discrimination and harassment language that more specifically prohibits bullying, all forms of discrimination and harassment and retaliation and more clearly defines the avenues for reporting 
  • A requirement of annual anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for all managers  
  • Comprehensive intimacy protocols developed according to standards provided by Equity's National Diversity & Inclusion Strategist Bliss Griffin

“This contract is now one of the strongest Equity contracts in the country in terms of protecting members from discrimination and harassment, and it will be a model for other theatres,” said Equity Assistant Executive Director and General Counsel Andrea Hoeschen. “Actors and stage managers will have a safer workplace because of the courage and efforts those who revealed a range of working conditions at Purple Rose that were inconsistent with a safe, equitable, unionized workplace.” 

ACTORS' EQUITY ASSOCIATION, founded in 1913, is the U.S. labor union that represents more than 51,000 professional actors and stage managers. Equity endeavors to advance the careers of its members by negotiating wages, improving working conditions and providing a wide range of benefits (health and pension included). Member: AFL-CIO, FIA.  #EquityWorks  

December 7, 2021