You may apply for Membership by any one of the following methods:

Equity Contract
You may join the Association by virtue of employment under an Equity contract. Applications for joining Equity are only valid during the term of the contract. Certain contract types also have a length-of-employment requirement before a membership application becomes valid; the Membership Department will advise you at the time of joining.

Blue Equity Membership Card

Four A's
Associated Actors and Artistes of America Affiliation
Membership is also available by virtue of prior membership in a performing arts sister union: SAG-AFTRA, AGMA, AGVA or GIAA.

  • Applicants must be members of a sister union for at least one year
  • Must currently be members in good standing of their parent union
  • Must have worked as a performer under the union's jurisdiction on a principal or "under-five" contract or at least three days of extra ("background") work
  • Must have completed non-union theatrical work

With your application, you must include a written statement from your parent union stating that you meet the requirements above along with a least $600 towards your Initiation Fee.

Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) Program
This program permits actors and stage managers-in-training to credit theatrical work in an Equity theatre towards eventual membership in Equity. After securing a position at a participating theatre, you may register as a candidate. The $200 registration fee will be credited against any future Initiation Fee when you become eligible for membership. Eligibility under this program requires a minimum of 25 weeks of EMC work at participating theatres. If you complete 25 weeks you may register for Phase 2 of the EMC Program by paying an additional $200 within 6 months of completing Phase 1 to be able to work an additional 25 weeks. At any point during Phase 2 you may choose to join Equity as long as you do not have non-Equity work lined up in the future.

If you are joining Equity through the EMC Program, at least a $600 initial payment is due with your application, and you must have completed any non-union theatre work.

Open Access

To expand access to membership and remove barriers for individuals who may desire to join or rejoin our union, the Association has opened eligibility until May 1, 2023.  (During this time, Equity will be developing a permanent gateway to membership that addresses racial inequities in accessing membership in our union.)  You may join Equity under the “Open Access” program if you have worked professionally as an actor or stage manager in a theatrical production within Equity’s geographical jurisdiction.  

If you have worked on a previous Equity Contract, worked as an EMC or Local Jobber or have been a member of Equity prior you may contact us to inquire about joining and filing a new Membership Application.   

If you have worked professionally as an actor or stage manager in Equity’s geographical jurisdiction you will need to provide a copy of your contract and proof of pay (i.e. pay stub, W2, 1099, etc). 

If you are joining Equity through Open Access, at least $600 initial payment is due with your application, and you must have completed any non-union theatre work.  

When you are eligible and ready to join Equity, complete the joining questionnaire.


If you are delinquent in the payment of dues for a period of two years, and you did not apply for inactive status, or if you fail to pay your initiation fee in full in the specified time period, you are considered "out-of-benefits" and your membership is automatically terminated. Members are therefore strongly urged to remain in good standing with Equity.

Note: members returning from a temporary withdrawal/suspended payment do not need to rejoin. Read more