Diversity and inclusion challenges are apparent both on stage and in the wings, on our biggest contracts and our smallest. Actors' Equity is committed to taking a leadership role on diversity and inclusion in our industry, collaborating with our colleagues nationwide to build forward-looking strategies – both within our organization and in the broader theatre community – to help #ChangeTheStage.

Contact the Diversity Office at diversity@actorsequity.org.


In June of 2017, Actors' Equity released its first-ever diversity study demonstrating hiring biases in the theatre industry. You can read about the key findings and view datasets here. You can also read more in the cover story from the Spring, 2017 issue of Equity News: Looking at Hiring Bias by the Numbers.


We aim to encourage a more equitable, authentic and fair representation of our membership in professional live theatre, carrying on the union’s priorities of promoting equal opportunity, diversity, gender parity and inclusion.


Whereas the theatre should be a diverse and inclusive place that holds a mirror up to the world and Whereas the theatre has the unique ability to impact how we perceive ourselves and each other and Whereas theatre impacts every person it touches:

We aim to evoke positive changes in expanding the American landscape of storytelling, as embodied in professional live theatre, to authentically reflect the diversity of American society. We endeavor to engage in progressive dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion with our employers, casting directors and industry leaders so as to encourage a more equitable, fair and inclusive work environment for all. We aim to include people who have been historically underrepresented both on and off the stage in the industry and we strive to unite our community in these shared endeavors.


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