Equity provides a wide range of benefits that enhance both the professional and personal lives of our members. There are two categories of benefits: Contract Benefits – part of collective bargaining agreements – and Membership Benefits, advantages you are entitled to by virtue of membership.


  • Minimum Salaries
    • Negotiated Rates
    • Overtime Pay
    • Extra Pay for Additional Duties
    • Free Housing or Per Diem on Tour
  •  Work Rules
    • Length of Day
    • Breaks
    • Days Off
    • Safe and Sanitary Conditions
  • Health Insurance, Pension and 401(k)
  • Dispute Resolution (including recourse to impartial and binding arbitration)
  • Just Cause (penalties for improper dismissal)
  • Bonding (guaranteeing payments to the members if the producer becomes insolvent or defaults)
  • Supplemental Workers' Comp Insurance, which provides additional compensation over-and-above Workers' Comp if you're injured on the job



Union membership also includes access to service organizations like The Entertainment Community Fund, Actors Federal Credit Union, Union Plus and AFL-CIO. These organizations offer a host of additional resources such as emergency assistance, seminars, career counseling, low cost financial services, loans and discounts.

One of the most important benefits of Equity membership that is often overlooked is the experience and knowledge of the Equity staff. Equity's Business Representatives enforce each member's individual contract provisions and riders. They monitor safety conditions, administer Equity's agreements with franchised agents and assist members with work-related issues like unemployment and Workers' Compensation claims.

Equity's staff is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Principal, Chorus and Stage Managers' contracts. Members should call the nearest Equity office and speak to a staff person whenever questions arise.