Unions work on a foundation of solidarity. Equity's ability to negotiate favorably with employers relies on our members’ collective agreement to only work for those employers who agree to negotiate with the union.

As an Equity member, you may not perform or stage manage without an Equity contract. That’s rule number one on the back of your Equity card:

Under no circumstances may you rehearse or perform in any company without a properly executed and signed Equity contract.

You may face union discipline and risk losing your membership for any violation of this membership rule – which applies even if your membership is inactive.

If you are offered employment without a union contract, contact the Equity office right away! Often, we can work with the employer to get you the contract you need. All communication between you and your union is strictly confidential.

An employer may tell you not to speak to the union because their offer falls outside of the kind of work we organize, but Equity alone determines if a production is in the union’s jurisdiction. Producers, agents and managers do not, nor is it up to an individual member to decide. Equity’s strength and our ability to negotiate better terms and conditions come solely from the unity of our membership.

Within the broader labor movement, we share a special bond with AGMA, AGVA, GIAA and SAG-AFTRA. Together, we are collectively known as the Associated Actors and Artistes of America (aka the 4A’s). We recognize each other’s efforts to organize and negotiate fair and equitable contracts across the entertainment industry and stand in solidarity with one another. Members of our sister unions in the 4A’s are prohibited from accepting theatrical employment without an Equity contract, and we have a reciprocal arrangement that also prohibits Equity members from working in the areas covered by other 4A’s unions without the appropriate union contract. (See below.) We also remind Equity Franchised Agents that it is a violation of the agency regulations to submit Equity members for non-union work.

What is the Do Not Work List? While membership rules prohibit Equity members from accepting any non-Equity theatrical work without the appropriate contract or code, the Do Not Work list is an additional tool to alert members of Equity or our 4A’s sister unions to the non-union status of certain employers. Unfortunately, there are times when good-faith negotiations between Actors’ Equity and employers do not result in an agreement acceptable for union members. Other producers may refuse to negotiate altogether or default on the terms of their agreement. In such situations, employers may be placed on the Do Not Work List. If you have been offered employment by someone on this list, or if you have questions about the employer, please click on the contact link next to that employer to email the appropriate Equity staff member.




  • Garth Drabinsky – including any production where he is acting in any producing capacity. Contact
  • Big League, Networks and Troika/Crossroads Live North America (see below)
  • Feld Entertainment, Inc. Contact
  • Bud Forrest Contact
  • I’m Ready Productions Contact
  • J.D. Lawrence Contact
  • Makin’ It Happen Productions Contact
  • MB Productions (Make Believe Stage Productions LLC) Contact
  • Jared Pixler Contact
  • Tyler Perry Contact
  • Red Light Management Contact
  • Jonathan Shank Contact
  • Alison Spiriti Contact
  • David Evan Stalworthy Contact


  • In the Mood – Live on Tour Contact
  • Kaiser Permanente Educational Program (ETP) Contact
  • Marvel Universe Live (posted 7/21/16) Contact

Members are prohibited from accepting employment in any capacity in non-Equity productions by Troika/Crossroads Live North America, Networks and Big League. Further, if you are offered work by other companies in a non-acting or non-stage management capacity, such as being asked to choreograph a show, potentially in Equity's jurisdiction that is not organized, be sure to contact an Equity Regional Director or Senior Business Representative before accepting this work to be sure you are permitted to do so. Accepting unauthorized work that the Council has previously determined doesn't support the best interests of its members may subject you to internal union discipline, including losing your membership.

In addition to the Do Not Work list, Equity maintains a list of current touring productions with and without Equity contracts.  





  • Alhambra Theatre & Dining Contact









If you have been contacted by the following Producer(s) for an upcoming production or event, please reach out to Equity before you begin rehearsals to ensure the correct code or agreement has been issued at contracts@actorsequity.org.

  • Network Theater Company


  • New 57, a new interactive theatre piece Contact
  • The Ride Contact
  • A Sketch of New York – Producers Club Theaters & Bar Contact



  • Actor's Theatre of Charlotte Contact





  • Greenhouse Theater Center Contact





  • Kansas City Metropolitan Ensemble (aka Kansas City MET) Contact







  • The Garage (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Glendale Centre Theatre – Brenda Dietlein, producer Contact
  • Kelrik Productions (North Hollywood) Contact
  • Live on Stage Productions (Irvine) Contact
  • Long Beach Playhouse (Long Beach) Contact
  • Matrix Theatre Company (Los Angeles) Contact
  • New Musicals, Inc./Academy for New Musical Theatre (North Hollywood) Contact
  • Orpheum Theatre Corp. (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Palm Canyon Theatre (Palm Springs) – Joseph Layne, Se Layne and William Layne, producers Contact
  • Playground LA (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Robey Theatre Company (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Towne Street Theatre (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Zaccharin Thibodeau aka Chance Taylor Contact
  • Anthony Van Laast Contact
  • Whitefire Theatre (Los Angeles) Contact
  • Allen Zipper Contact





  • The Speakeasy, Boxcar Theatre (San Francisco) Contact



  • Colorado New Play Festival Contact



  • Absinthe (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas), Spiegelworld, producer Contact
  • Magic Mike Live (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas) Contact



  • Desert Playhouse Theatre (Albuquerque) Contact



  • Firehouse Theatre (Dallas) Contact


Note: Equity members may not work on International productions if any part of the work will be done in the United States unless there is an appropriate union contract in place.

  • Thriller Live! (London and U.K.), Producer: Paul Walden & Derek Nicol for Flying Music - Mark Strange, Manager, Adrian Grant for Key Concerts (non-union international production)



The following Do Not Work notices have been provided to Actors’ Equity Association by other 4A’s unions.

  • I Am Frankie (television program, SAG-AFTRA)
    Please note that the program I Am Frankie, produced in Miami, FL by Paradiso Pictures, in conjunction with New International Mix, a Viacom International company, for exhibition on Nickelodeon is not signatory to any SAG-AFTRA agreement. This company has not yet executed a minimum basic agreement with SAG-AFTRA in spite of outreach from union staff to company representatives. Therefore, all Equity and SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work or appear on any episode in this series. Violating this order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.

    Please check with SAG-AFTRA as to the signatory status of any other English-language program produced by Paradiso Pictures or New International Mix for exhibition on Nickelodeon or other Viacom basic cable networks before accepting employment on that program.
  • GAP Digital (audiobooks, SAG-AFTRA)

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