Broadway World: Actors' Equity Association Applauds the Reintroduction of the PRO Act

Actors' Equity Association has issued a statement following reports that the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, has once again been re-introduced in Congress.

"The PRO Act will make unions more accessible to workers across the country, at a time when workers at every level of the economy are looking to organize." said Kate Shindle, president of Actors' Equity Association. "This legislation will also tighten important rules around employee misclassification, which arts workers know too well can result in the loss of fair wages, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance and other crucial protections. This vote is a fundamental litmus test for any and all Congressional leaders who claim to support workers."

The PRO Act includes several measures that fight back against union-busting tactics by employers and strengthens the National Labor Relations Act. For example, it prohibits the practice of some employers holding mandatory anti-organizing meetings for their staff and allows workers to file civil complaints against employers for violating their NLRB rights. The bill strengthens protections for workers who go on strike, and overrides so-called right-to-work laws.