Partnering with a service organization whose mission is to uplift theatre artists of marginalized identities may be an inroad for employers who are developing an inclusive and anti-racist business strategy. Collaborations with organizations who specialize in the work ensure that you are guided by experts. They can also signal for both your theatre’s inclusion work and the partner organization’s services. Below are a list of arts organizations a theatre industry leader may want to explore.  


Asian American Performers Action Coalition

Black Acting Methods Studio

Black Theatre Caucus

Black Theatre Coalition

Black Theatre Commons

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Broadway and Beyond

Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists

Crossroads Anti-Racism

Equity Allies

HowlRound Theatre Commons

Indigenous Direction

Latinx Theatre Commons

Middle East North African Theater Makers Alliance

National Coalition Building Institute


NYC Accessibility Toolkit

NYC Digital Accessibility Guides

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond


Race Forward

Sins Invalid

The Woke Coach

Training for Change

Visions, Inc.

Theatre Intimacy Education

Unsettling Dramaturgy

We See You White American Theater