National Agreement

Like the Guest Artist, the Special Appearance Agreement was established to encourage increased employment opportunities. This is essentially a modified Guest Artist Arrangement for use by small community theatres, outside of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, that wish to hire individual professional artists and/or stage managers. There are two salary tiers based on seating capacity, box office gross and number of weekly performances. Health insurance is not required.

The Pittsburgh Special Appearance agreement and the Buffalo/Rochester Special Appearance agreement are modified versions of the Special Appearance Contract available only for theatres in those areas. There is no mandatory health insurance under these agreements.

The current agreement expires on March 23, 2025. The current Pittsburgh and Buffalo/Rochester agreements began on August 7, 2017 and expire on March 23, 2025.

Members can view the Special Appearance Rulebooks (including specific rulebooks for Pittsburgh and Buffalo/Rochester) in the Rulebook Library in the Member Portal.

Additional information for Producers about Special Appearance agreements is available in the Resources for Producers section of this website. Producers with additional questions about the Special Appearance Agreement should contact their closest Equity regional office.