"It's a Lovely Day Today" for Robe recipient Jenifer Foote

“I am simply thankful every day to be a part of the Broadway community. The traditions of the theatre are truly what make it such a remarkable place to be. From the tradition of the Stage Manager announcing 'It's Saturday night on Broadway' to signing up for the Broadway show softball league in the Spring, each are special and unique. And the Gypsy Robe* is chief among those very special traditions. I am so proud to be among the legacy of ensemble actors that have come before me and that will certainly come after me. Walking into a Broadway stage door will never be lost on me, so a tradition like this one that honors the 'gypsy' in me means so very much. ”

Jenifer Foote in the RobeName: Jenifer Foote

Show: Holiday Inn

Opening Night: October 6, 2016

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Broadway Debut: Annie Get Your Gun (2001)

Professional Training: “I attended University of California at Irvine. I have two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Dance and Drama with an honors in Musical Theatre. I've studied with various acting and dance teachers in NY during my time here and am currently studying with Craig Carnelia in his weekly Musical Theatre acting class."

Year Joined Equity: 2000

How I Got My Equity Card: “I received my equity card while working at the Sacramento Music Circus. I joined in the summer after I graduated college right before I moved to NY. I was very thankful that I was able to move to NY with my equity card in hand.”

Broadway Chorus Credits: “This is my 10th Broadway Chorus Contract. (#10 has always been a bit of a 'bucket list' dream of mine, so this contract is especially important to me).”

Fun Fact: “In the past few years I've taken back up my childhood-band hobby of playing the clarinet and (NOW), the saxophone. Both instruments live in my kitchen and my sweet girlfriend indulges me most mornings while I play renditions of 'Moon River' or 'They're Playing Our Song while she makes coffee. And no, I'm far from being John Doyle ready, but it truly has become such a fun hobby of mine. I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled.”

Jenifer Foote does the ceremonial three laps around the stage.

Jenifer Foote does the ceremonial three laps around the stage.

Jenifer Foote with the cast members of Holiday Inn.

Jenifer Foote with the cast members of Holiday Inn.

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* Following a decision of Equity's National Council and based upon the recommendation of the ACCA and National EEO Committees who felt the former name was no longer appropriate, Equity members were surveyed and picked the designation "Legacy Robe" to use for the Robe starting with the 2018-2019 theatre season. Read more