The Legacy Robe blesses every Broadway musical! Please keep the tradition and stick to the rules.

1. The Legacy Robe goes only to Broadway musicals with a chorus.

2. The robe goes to a chorus member only, whoever has the largest number of Broadway Chorus credits.

3. The Ceremony traditionally occurs half an hour before opening night.

4. The new recipient must put on Robe and circle the stage counterclockwise three times, while cast members reach out and touch Robe for good luck. The new recipient then visits each dressing room while wearing the Robe.

5. The new recipient supervises addition of appliques from their show to the Robe. Important rules for adding mementos: for wearability, durability and longevity, add-ons must be lightweight, sturdy and reasonably sized so each Robe can represent a full season.

6. The opening night date and recipient's name is written on or near the memento, and cast members only sign that section of Robe.

7. The recipient will attend the next Broadway musical opening and will present the Robe to that show's recipient.