National Agreement

A “Letter of Agreement” is a collective bargaining agreement which is negotiated individually with an independent theater—i.e., one that does not belong to a multi-employer bargaining association. Generally speaking, the individual theater will sign a “me too” agreement to be bound by the baseline terms of one of Equity’s multi-employer agreements (such as LORT or Stock), but with modifications that are individually negotiated to provide theatres the time and flexibility needed to develop into a standard Equity agreement. Because every LOA is individually negotiated, the terms vary from theatre to theatre and from season to season. Each LOA is referenced to a standard rulebook for those provisions that are not specifically set forth in the LOA. Members who will be working at a theatre that is signed to an LOA should contact the applicable Equity office for information about the specific terms and conditions that are in place at that theatre.

Producers with questions about Letters of Agreement should contact their closest Equity regional office.