All venues where Actors’ Equity members audition, stage manage, rehearse and/or perform must comply with the safe and sanitary provisions of the applicable Equity agreement.

Any activity performed by Equity members may not take place in a venue (including pre-production conducted by stage management) that has not been previously inspected and approved by a representative of Actors’ Equity. If a Producer/Theatre is planning for Actors’ Equity members to work in a venue that has not previously been approved, and/or has been renovated since the last time Equity members worked there, Actors’ Equity must be notified promptly so an inspection can be scheduled. The Producer/Theatre should notify Actors’ Equity of their intent to use a new venue no later than four weeks prior to the first rehearsal.

Venue approval may be dependent upon the type of employment contemplated; for instance, certain venues may not be approved for dance auditions or rehearsals but may be approved for work that does not include dancing. Some venues may only be deemed suitable for casts up to a certain size. It is imperative that auditions, stage managing, rehearsals and performances occur only in venues that have been approved by Actors’ Equity Association.

If a Producer/Theatre is not sure of the Actors’ Equity approval status for a venue, please contact the nearest Actors’ Equity regional office