Diversity consultants help organizations identify and implement diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. These professionals serve as an objective information source for an employer that wants to learn where they have room for improvement in their D&I efforts. Reputable consultants will have experience in the field and testimonials so you can gauge whether they're a fit for your theatre.

Actors’ Equity Association provides this consultant list a service to employers. Inclusion on this website does not imply any endorsement of these consultants. Furthermore, inclusion does not indicate that these consultants comply with particular licensure or certification requirements. Employers are responsible for investigating consultant viability as it pertains to federal mandates and state licensure requirements, and/or employer needs.

If you like to make a recommendation for an addition to the list, please email diversity@actorsequity.org.

Consultant affiliations and/or additional consultant specialties are included where noted.

* indicates past consultancy work with Equity.

Addys Castillo

Brandon Michael Nase

Carmen Morgan, Founder and Executive Director, ArtEquity | Recipient of Equity’s Equal Employment Opportunity Committee 2020 Paul Robeson Award

Claudia Alick*, Consultant on Intersectional Inclusion

Daniel Lim

Donna Walker-Kuhne

Donatella Galella, Consultant on Asian American Identity and Inclusion

Ebony Noelle Golden

Geoffrey Jackson Scott

Gwendolen Hardwick

Jane Elliott

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Lord, Consultant on Natural Hair

Jerrilyn Lanier, Consultant on Hair & Make-Up

Josephine Kearns*, Consultant on Gender - Queer, Intersex and Trans Identities

Joy DeGruy

Kaja Dunn*, Consultant on Inclusive Theatrical Education

Karen Fleshman

Kira Banks

Lisa Yancey

Madeline McNeely

Marie Cisco

Marisa Kennedy, Founder, The Diversity Editor | Consultant on Script Coverage and Inclusion Training for Creatives & Leaders

Mauricio Salgado, Core Facilitator, ArtEquity

Nicole Brewer

Nissy Aya, Core Facilitator, ArtEquity

Piper Anderson

Seena Hodges

Tavia Rivee Jefferson

Victor Vazquez, CSA; Founder, X Casting

An open database of theatre gender consultants, compiled by Shira Helena Gitlin, is available here.