A Letter on the 2020 Election

Dear fellow Equity Members:

I hope you are healthy and safe. 

It is with great pride that I make my first official act as the newly elected chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity committee by congratulating President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris on their historic election to the highest offices in the nation. The impact of Kamala Harris holding the post of Vice President of the United States of America is truly monumental.

The first African-American and the first Asian American: Representation matters.

The first daughter of immigrants: Representation matters.

The first graduate of a Historically Black University: Representation matters.

The first member of a Black Greek-letter organization: Representation matters. 

Kamala Harris will be the highest ranking woman of color in our nation's history.To every Equity member and staff person who at long last can see themselves reflected in our nation’s executive leadership, I revel with you in this long overdue moment. Representation matters.

To those who are still waiting, I stand with you. Equity stands with you. We cannot and will not be denied. Representation Matters.

To Christine Toy-Johnson for her twenty-eight years of service on Council and as Chair of the EEO committee: Your drove Equity to hire its first ever Diversity Director and thereby empowered Equity to take an active part in changing the stage and making the just and inclusive world we envision in a meaningful, holistic manner. Thank you for your dedication. We are stronger because of the path you blazed. Representation matters.

Finally, to all who canvassed, tweeted, texted, phone banked to help get people to the polls, thank you. Your efforts made this moment a reality. You proved that representation matters!

We strolled to the polls in records numbers this year. Let us ride the momentum and continue to galvanize for change within our union: Get involved. Share your ideas. Speak up. Make connections. Organize. Dream big. 

May we never become complacent for there are other voices that must be heard. We must make space for every person who has been marginalized.

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris said in her victory speech, “this is a nation of possibilities.” 

May the Actors’ Equity Association be a union of possibilities.

In Solidarity,

Allyson Tucker

Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunities Committee