If during any ninety (90) day period the Agent fails to secure for the Actor a bona fide offer of employment from an employer commensurate with the Actor’s prestige for at least four weeks at the Actor’s customary salary, which offer is communicated by the Agent to the Actor in reasonable detail and in writing, then in such case the Actor shall have the right to terminate this agreement by notice in writing to the Agent and to Equity.

The ninety (90) day period described above shall be extended during any period when

  • The Actor has notified the Agent in writing of his unavailability.
  • The Actor is employed and is therefore unavailable.
  • The Actor is unable to respond to a call for his services by reason of mental or physical incapacity.

No termination under this paragraph shall deprive the Agent of the right to receive commission on monies earned or received by the Actor prior to the date of termination or earned or received by the Actor after the date of termination on the Agent’s agreement on contracts for the Actor’s services entered into by the Actor prior to the effective date of any such termination.

The Actor and the Agent may agree that one or more persons individually named on the face of the Exclusive Management Contract shall represent the Actor and in the event such person or persons listed on the contract discontinue his relationship with the agency, the Actor then has the right to terminate this agreement.