Commissions shall be applicable in accordance with the following:

  • Tier I: For weekly contractual salaries of $525 or less, a 5% commission shall be applicable.
  • Tier II: For weekly contractual salaries of greater than $525, a 10% commission shall be applicable, except that the rehearsal period at minimum salary is commissionable at 5%.

Chorus Contracts: Commission on chorus contracts shall be applicable only in accordance with the Equity Agency Interim Regulations and Modifications to Rule A, set forth by the Joint Committee’s Determinations on January 22, 1991 and further modified on January 2, 2008. If after one year the weekly salary of an Equity Chorus Contract does not exceed the Equity established minimum salary (which includes all required minimum salary increments), an actor may elect whether or not to continue to pay commission.

For Special Production, Cabaret, Business Theatre, and San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Agreements: Any commission that would invade minimum salary (including minimums to be paid when the Gross Box Office receipts increase under Special Production) shall be paid by the Producer. The Agent’s name must appear as Agent of record on the face of the Actor’s employment contract.

For Per Diem Monies: Commission shall not be applicable on the Equity minimum portion of out-of-town expense money or per diem.