Al Vincent, Jr.
Executive Director

Regina Garlin
Assistant Executive Director for Finance and Administration

Calandra Hackney
Assistant Executive Director for Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

Alison Harma
Assistant Executive Director

Andrea Hoeschen
Assistant Executive Director



Douglas Beebe
National Director of Information Technology

Megan Benjamin
Associate Director of Member Benefits

Allison Bodwell
National Director of Governance

Danee Conley
Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

John Fasulo
National Director of Membership and Contracts

Stefanie Frey
Director of Organizing & Mobilization

Russell Lehrer

Bryant Lee

David Levy
Communications Director

Andrea Murray
Director of Auditions

Afifa Samad
Director of Human Resources

Katey Schwartz
Director of Contract Management

Keith Sklar
Director of Member Safety in Theatrical Facilities Safety

Gary Skores
Director of Facilities and Office Management

Chris Williams
Chief of Staff

Senior Business Reps
Dana Gal
Albert Geana-Bastare
Christa Jackson
David Kolen
Lawrence Lorczak
Karyn Meek
Gwen Meno
Timmary Stirling