We remember and reflect on the losses suffered by Indigenous people at the hands of European colonizers. One way we honor Indigenous people is by acknowledging that the land we live and work on is not ours. Remembering that the people we displaced still exist points us in the direction of what kind of reparative work we can each do in our own communities.  

Through Equity's four offices we serve our members across the country. But these offices are located on land that was once largely occupied by communities of Indigenous people:

1. Our New York office is located on Lenape land. The Lenape (also referred to as the Delaware) were among the first Native Americans to come in contact with Europeans. Forced off their ancestral land, they now have communities in Kansas and Oklahoma.

2. Our Orlando office is located on Seminole land. The Seminole have lived in Florida for thousands of years and continue to their traditions as a sovereign government.

3. Our Chicago office is located on land shared by Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Kiikaapoi, Peoria, Kaskaskia, Bodéwadmiké and Myaamia people. Chicago has become home to the third largest urban Native American population in the US with over 100 tribal nations represented. Today, the American Indian Center serves the current population while preserving the history of those who came before.

4. Our Los Angeles office is located on Chumash land. After facing the same hardships as other tribes, the last decade has been one of growth. They’ve expanded and modernized their Santa Barbara reservation with a museum and cultural center to open in 2022.

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