Following more than two years of attempts to negotiate a new Lab Agreement with the Broadway League, Equity’s National Council authorized a strike for all show development including the Lab Agreement, Workshop Agreement and Staged Reading Contracts and Staged Reading Guidelines with the Broadway League or an allied producer. DO NOT WORK show development with the Broadway League or an allied producer. As an Equity member, you may not perform or stage manage without an Equity contract. That’s rule number one on the back of your Equity card:

Under no circumstances may you rehearse or perform in any company without a properly executed and signed Equity contract.

You face union discipline and risk losing your membership for any violation of this membership rule – which applies even if your membership is inactive.

Non-members (including Equity Membership Candidates) who take developmental work with the Broadway League or an allied producer during the strike will lose their eligibility to join Equity permanently. Non-members are also welcome to reach out to with any questions regarding whether a project they've been offered would break the strike.

If you are offered employment by a producer listed below or an allied producer, contact All communication between you and your union is strictly confidential. 

An employer may tell you not to speak to the union because their offer falls outside of the kind of work we organize, but Equity alone determines if a production is in the union’s jurisdiction. Producers, agents and managers do not, nor is it up to an individual member to decide. Equity’s strength and our ability to negotiate better terms and conditions come solely from the unity of our membership. Learn more in the Strike Center.

In addition to the general list below of producers, please note the following developmental works are explicitly on the Do Not Work list for all developmental production, including staged readings:

  • Dave
  • Flamingo Kid
  • Tootsie
  • MJ Musical
  • Once Upon a One More Time
  • Heart of Rock & Roll
  • Almost Famous
  • Moulin Rouge



Adventureland Limited Liability Jeffrey Seller
Alchemation LLC Kevin McCollum
Ambassador Theatre Group - NY David Lazar
Bartner Group LLC Robert Bartner
Base Entertainment, LLC
BeDo Productions, LLC Doug Morris
Berlind Productions Roger Berlind
Cameron Mackintosh International Cameron Mackintosh
Chestnut Ridge Productions Paula Wagner
CSH Productions LLC Carole Shorenstein
Danny Boy Productions Daniel Wise
Daryl Roth Productions Daryl Roth
DreamWorks Theatricals Bill Damashke
Evamere Entertainment John N. Hart, Jr.
Fox Associates, LLC
Fran Kirmser Productions LLC Fran Kirmser
GFI Productions Paul Blake
Grove Entertainment Beth Williams
Ira Pittelman Productions Ira Pittelman
Iron Mountain Productions Emanuel Azenberg
JAM Theatricals, Ltd. Steve Traxler
Jane Bergere Productions, Inc. Jane Bergere
Jean Doumanian Productions Jean Doumanian
Jeffrey Finn Productions Jeffrey Finn
Jeffrey Richards Associates / Tonka Jeffrey Richards
Junkyard Dog Productions Randy Adams
Junkyard Dog Productions Sue Frost
Littlestar Services Ltd Judy Craymer
Marc Platt Productions Marc Platt
Marc Routh Productions Marc Routh
Margo Lion, Ltd. Margo Lion
Martian Entertainment LLC Carl D. White
Maxolev Productions LLC Howard Kagan
Maxolev Productions LLC Janet Kagan
National Artists Management Barry Weissler
National Artists Management Fran Weissler
National Theatre North America Tim Levy
Old Vic Productions
Patriot Productions Gerald Goerhring
Rich Entertainment Group LLC Melinda R. Rich
Rich Entertainment Group LLC Robert E. Rich, Jr.
Robert Boyett Theatricals Robert L. Boyett
Rodger Hess Productions Rodger Hess
Scorpio Entertainment, Inc. Steven Baruch
Scott Rudin Productions Scott Rudin
Sonia Friedman Productions Sonia Friedman
Stage Entertainment Bill Taylor
Stage Entertainment Joop van den Ende
Stone Productions David Stone
The Araca Group Matthew Rego
The Araca Group Michael Rego
The Shubert Organization, Inc.
Universal City Studios LLC
Warner Brothers Mark Kaufman
Weinstein Company Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein Company Robert Weinstein
WestBeth Entertainment Arnold Engelman
Weitzenhoffer Productions A. Max Weitzenhoffer
Working Title Films, Ltd.
Zollo Productions, Inc. Frederick M. Zollo
Robert Ahrens
Ken Alhadeff
Marleen Alhadeff
Hunter Arnold
Darren Bagert
Dori Berinstein
Debbie Bisno
Debra R. Black
Paula Black
Mike Bosner
Loraine Boyle
John F. Breglio
Barbara Broccoli
David Broser
Gail Bryan
Matthew Byam-Shaw
Stephen Byrd
Colin Callender
Patrick Catullo
Daniel Chilewich
Bruce Cohen
Robert Cole
Eric Cornell
Ken Davenport
Michael David
Van Dean
Freddy DeMann
Richard Frankel
Jerry Frankel Investments
Barbara H. Freitag
Roy Furman
Jill Furman
Roy Gabay
Susan Gaillin
Anne Garefino
David Garfinkle
Todd Gershwin
Nancy Gibbs
Rebecca Gold
Marcia Goldberg
Robyn Goodman
Robert Greenblatt
Louise Gund
Bill Haber
Aaron Harnick
Ted Hartley
Ruth Hendel
Paula Herold
Larry Hirschhorn
Tom Hulce
David Ian
Michael Jackowitz
Jessica Jenen
Kathleen Johnson
Alia Jones-Harvey
Tom Kirdahy
Scott Landis
Stewart F. Lane
Ray Larsen
Cody Lassen
Harriet N. Leve
Carl Levin
Staci Levine
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Hal Luftig
Beverley Mac Keen
Larry Magid
Lee Marshall
Elizabeth I. McCann
Garry McQuinn
Douglas L. Meyer
Stacey Mindich
Michael Mitri
Carl Moellenberg
Philip Morgaman
Doug Nevin
Nelle Nugent
Stuart Oken
Gabrielle Palitz
Joey Parnes
Martin Platt
Jon B. Platt
Tony Ponturo
Eva Price
Joan Raffe
Mary Lu Roffe
Janet Rosen
Carolyn Rossi-Copeland
Jordan Roth
Scott Sanders
Arlene Scanlan
Kathy Schenker
Julian Schlossberg
Jenna Segal
Chunsoo Shin
Tom Smedes
Ricky Stevens
Edward Strong
Arielle Tepper Madover
Lorenzo Thione
Liz Timperman
Jhett Tolentino
Steven Tulchin
Susan Vargo
Jack Viertel
Thomas Viertel
Lia Vollack
Alan Wasser
Anita Waxman
Barbara Whitman
Harold Wolpert
Adam Zotovich

Equity’s strength and our ability to negotiate better terms and conditions come solely from the unity of our membership. Learn more about the thousands of Equity members who are supporting our campaign for a better Lab Agreement at