Marty Lawson Looms Large in King Kong

Hometown: Uniontown, PA

Broadway Debut: Movin’ Out (2004)

Professional Training: Point Park University, BA in Dance; Matthew Corozine Studio NYC

Year Joined: 1998

How I Got My Equity Card: "I got my Equity card through Disney. My first professional job was dancing in Beauty and the Beast at Disney MGM Studios in Orlando."

Broadway Chorus Credits: Seven

Fun Fact: "I grew up on a wild animal orphanage and my family raised lions, tigers, and cougars. So Kong is not the first big beast I’ve had in my life!"

Lawson with the Legacy Robe. Photo by Walter McBride.

Lawson celebrates the opening with King Kong costars Erik Lochtefeld and Eric William Morris. Photo by Walter McBride.

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