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As an Equity member, you may not accept employment for work that falls within our jurisdiction without an appropriate contract. You are required to contact Equity if you are offered any work without a union contract. Our jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to, productions where a previous collective bargaining agreement has existed, as well as productions and venues with a previous established work relationship. While many assume Equity’s jurisdiction only includes live theater, musical revues and concerts have been, and continue to be, within Equity’s jurisdiction.

Equity alone determines if a production is in its jurisdiction; producers, agents, and managers do not determine jurisdiction. Equity’s strength and its ability to negotiate better terms and conditions for its members come solely from the unity of its membership.

Further, not only Equity, but SAG-AFTRA, AGMA, AGVA, and Italian Actors' Union members may NOT accept employment in these instances without an Equity contract:

  • Non-union stage and/or live entertainment productions
  • International tours if any part of the work will be done in the United States (unless there is an appropriate union contract in place)
  • Any production with a Producer/employer who has been placed on Equity’s “Defaulting Producers” list

If you are approached about such employment, or have questions regarding “Do Not Work Notices,” please contact the appropriate person listed below. All contacts are strictly confidential.

Equity Franchised Agents are reminded that it is a violation of the agency regulations to submit Equity members for non-union work.

Check the list of non-union Equity touring productions.



For questions regarding any of the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact Gail Gabler, Western Regional Director at 323-978-8080 ext. 111, or by email at

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Alison Spiriti, Producer (non-Equity tour) (posted 8/21/17)
  • Kaiser Permanente Educational Program (ETP), Producer: Kaiser Permanente  (all non-union productions)
  • MB Productions (Make Believe Stage Productions  LLC), Jared Pixler and David Evan Stalworthy (all non-union productions) (posted 12/7/16)
  • Marvel Universe Live!, Feld Entertainment, Inc. (non-Equity tour, posted 7/21/16)
  • The Octonauts, Jonathan Shank, Red Light Management (non-Equity tour, posted 5/6/16) 
  • I’m Ready Productions (all non-union productions)
  • In the Mood – Live on Tour, Producer: Bud Forrest Entertainment  (non-union production)
  • J.D. Lawrence (all non-union productions)
  • All Tyler Perry stage productions,  Producer:  Tyler Perry Productions, Tyler Perry (non-union productions)
  • Makin’ It Happen Productions (all non-union productions)



For questions regarding any of the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact Austin Ruffer, Guest Artist and Special Appearance Business Representative at 212.869.8530 ext. 307, or by email at

  • The Negro Ensemble Company (Karen Brown, Producer): Please contact the Showcase Department if you have been asked to act or stage manage with this company/Producer on any project. (posted 5/11/17, updated 8/22/17)
  • CM Productions, Producer: Christopher McElroen (defaulting producer)


  • Cumberland Theatre, Cumberland, MD (non-union theatre)

New York

  • A Sketch of New York, – Producers Club Theaters & Bar, New York, NY (non-union production) (posted 6/14/17)
  • Squid Ink Productions/Calamari Sisters, Producer: Daniel T. Lavender (defaulting producer)
  • C-R Productions, producer Jim Charles (defaulting producer)

New Jersey

  • 624 Productions, Producer: Thomas Baldinger

For questions regarding any of the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact Tom Carpenter, Eastern Regional Director at 212-869-8530 ext. 367, or by email at

New York City

  • 3/5ths, at 3-Legged Dog Media (non-union production) (posted 4/7/17)
  • "New 57," a new interactive theatre piece being developed by Variety Worldwide, Producers:  Randy Weiner and Simon Hammerstein (non-union production posted 2/26/16)
  • The Ride – New York, NY, Producer:  The Ride NY, Jonathan P. Danforth, Director and President/CEO  (non-union production)



For questions regarding the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact Alison Harma Senior Business Representative at 323.978.8080 ext. 107, or by email at

  • All productions from Producer Zaccharin Thibodeau aka Chance Taylor, Southern California (posted 8/9/16)


  • Glendale Centre Theatre, Glendale, CA, Producer: Brenda Dietlein  (non-union theater; posted 4/19/18)
  • Boxcar Theatre’s Speakeasy, San Francisco, CA (non-union production) (posted 4/7/17)
  • Absinthe (, Speigelworld (non-union production) (posted 4/7/17)
  • It's Just Sex, North Hollywood, CA, Producer:  Rick Shaw (non-union production posted 2/19/16)
  • Palm Canyon Theatre, Palm Springs, CA, Producers: Se Layne, Joseph Layne and William Layne  (non-union theater)
  • Monday Night PlayGround SF, Bay Area, CA. Newly negotiated Special Agreement (union production) will be effective 9/1/18; Members may participate in Monday Night PlayGround productions on or after this date.
  • Broadway By the Bay, Redwood City, CA (non-union theater)
  • Repertory East Playhouse, Santa Clarita, CA (non-union theater)

In Los Angeles, CA, the following theaters and/or Producers do not currently have an Equity Agreement for their productions:

  • The Victory Theatre (Burbank, CA) (posted 7/12/17)
  • Bright Eyes Productions, Los Angeles, CA (posted 5/9/17)
  • Orpheum Theatre Corp. (posted 5/9/17)
  • Robey Theatre Company (posted 5/9/17)
  • Towne Street Theatre (posted 5/9/17)
  • Whitefire Theatre (posted 5/9/17)
  • Zubber Dust Playhouse (posted 5/9/17)
  • Matrix Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA (posted 5/2/17)
  • Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA (posted 5/2/17)
  • New Musicals, Inc./Academy for New Musical Theatre, North Hollywood, CA  (posted 1/13/17)   
  • Crown City Theatre, North Hollywood, CA  (posted 1/13/17)   
  • Kelrik Productions, North Hollywood, CA   (posted 1/13/17)   
  • Skylight Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA   (posted 1/13/17)   
  • The Complex/Matt Chait, Hollywood, CA  (posted 1/13/17)  
  • Long Beach Playhouse, Long Beach CA  (posted 12/16/16)
  • Art Shulman, Los Angeles CA  (posted 12/16/16)
  • The Garage, Los Angeles CA  (posted 12/16/16)


  • Note:  Productions at the Wynn Las Vegas may or may not be under an Equity contract.  If you are approached about any show at that property, contact Equity immediately. (posted 4/7/17)
  • 50 Shades, The Parody, Bally’s, Las Vegas (non-union production opened 12/1/15)
  • Absinthe, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Producer: Spiegelworld, Director: Wayne Harrison, Casting Director: Michael Donovan, CSA  (non-union production)
  • Vegas! The Show, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Producer:  David Saxe (non-union production)
  • Magic Mike Live, Hard Rock in Las Vegas: This production is not under an Equity contract.  For any questions, or if  you are offered employment on this production, please contact Gail Gabler at either or 323-978-8080, extension 111.



For questions regarding any of the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact your Regional Director.

  • Legally Blonde (International tour), Producer/General Manager: Big League Theatricals (non-union tour rehearsing in the United States, posted 7/24/17)
  • The Wizard of Oz (international tour), Producer/General Manager:  Troika Entertainment (non-union tour rehearsing in the United States, posted 8/12/16)
  • My Fair Lady, China tour, Producer:  Big League Theatricals  (non-union tour)
  • Shrek the Musical (international), Producer/General Manager: NETworks (non-union tour)
  • Thriller Live! (London and U.K.), Producer: Paul Walden & Derek Nicol for Flying Music - Mark Strange, Manager, Adrian Grant for Key Concerts (non-union international production)


4As Do Not Work

For questions regarding any of the following Do Not Work Notices, please contact your Regional Director.

  • I Am Frankie:

Please note that the program I Am Frankie, produced in Miami, FL by Paradiso Pictures, in conjunction with New International Mix, a Viacom International company, for exhibition on Nickelodeon is not signatory to any SAG-AFTRA agreement. This company has not yet executed a minimum basic agreement with SAG-AFTRA in spite of outreach from union staff to company representatives.

Therefore, all Equity and SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work or appear on any episode in this series. Violating this order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.

Please check with SAG-AFTRA as to the signatory status of any other English-language program produced by Paradiso Pictures or New International Mix for exhibition on Nickelodeon or other Viacom basic cable networks before accepting employment on that program. For more information, contact Director, Television Contracts David Besbris at or (323) 634-8116. (Posted 11/22/16)

  • GAP Digital, (audiobooks, SAG-AFTRA, posted 6/7/16)  


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