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Can I give my Equity Card to someone else to sign up for an EPA on my behalf?

Equity audition procedures state that a member must be physically present with their own Equity card in order to sign up for an EPA audition time. An Equity audition monitor may ask for additional identification if they suspect that someone is using another personís card.

In Los Angeles, several audition slots at each EPA are available to Equity members who sign up in advance at the L.A. Equity office, beginning one week before the call. The remaining slots are available to actors who sign up on the day of the EPA, beginning one hour before the call. Regardless of when you sign up, though, you must sign up in person with your own Equity card.

In Chicago, a call-in system is used for EPA sign-ups in Chicago, but you must still present your Equity card to the audition monitor at Equity auditions when you arrive.


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