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What happens if I am disabled and incapable of working due to an injury incurred on the job?

Your Workers' Compensation will pay a percentage of your salary up to a cap (the amount varies from state to state). In addition, the Equity-League Health fund maintains a supplemental disability policy that will increase your weekly compensation. You and your physician need to fill out a Supplemental Workers' Compensation Plan claim form and file it with Equity. Since the Supplemental Workers' Compensation Plan benefit is taxable and subject to voluntary income tax withholding, you should complete a W4-S Request for Federal Income Tax Withholding from Sick Pay.

Please note that the old system of supplementary lost time benefits, the Salary Continuance insurance policy with Mutual of Omaha, has been phased out. The Equity-League Trust Fund now administers this benefit on its own and offers a more substantial supplement.


W4-S Request for Federal Income Tax Withholding - Sick Pay

Workers Comp


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