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How much money can I get? Is this even worth the bother?

How much you receive depends on where you were injured, your contractual salary and whether or not the injury is deemed “Extraordinary Risk.” In New York, the current maximum for Workers’ Compensation is $808.65 per week and is not taxable income. Effective September 30, 2013, a member who is injured while performing something deemed hazardous will be eligible to receive $1355.25 per week. This figure is 75% of the current Production Contract minimum and includes the $808.65 from Workers’ Comp. Therefore, the actual weekly benefit would be $546.60, which is taxable income. If the injury is deemed Straight Risk, the benefit is $1016.44 per week which includes the $808.65 from Workers’ Comp, so the actual payment from Equity would be $207.79 per week. If you are earning less than the current Production Contract minimum, your benefit will vary accordingly.


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