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Iíve returned the Supplemental Coverage Packet to Equity and my doctor has submitted the Physicianís Statement. What do I do now?

If your disability was short-term (less than the applicable state waiting period), Equity can pay the Supplemental. If disability extends beyond the waiting period, send any and all pay stubs you receive from Workersí Comp and continue to send them until you have returned to work. We have to have each pay stub in order with the dates of coverage visible as that is the basis for the payment. Missing pay stubs will delay the payment cycle. If you havenít received a check or havenít heard from Equity in a week or so, contact the union to see what needs to be done. Often, Equity is missing a form or a paystub and is simply waiting to receive it. Be proactive and keep in touch with the union and Equity will keep you covered.


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