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I may not know for several days if I will have to take an extended disability leave, but in the meantime I am out of the show. When can I file for SWCI? Can I have SWCI if I do not take a leave of absence? What paperwork do I need? How do I file it?

If you miss work (even one full day) because of a work-related injury, you should file immediately for SWCI. You should not use your sick days for this. Your payment from SWCI will be delayed until either you return to work or you pass the waiting period for your state, whichever comes first. This is because we have to know whether Workers’ Comp will be retroactively paying your claim for the waiting period. You can get the forms from your Equity office. You will have to have your doctor fill out a form. All forms are sent to the Workers’ Compensation Department of the Equity office in New York.


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