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Does the “waiting week” mean that I must wait one week to file, or that I may file immediately but benefits don’t “kick in” for one week? Does this week get tacked on to the end of my claim?

Most states have a waiting period, ranging from one to three weeks, before disability benefits kick in. (Medical benefits are applicable from the start – the waiting period applies only to disability benefits.) In most states, if your disability continues beyond the waiting period, Workers’ Comp will pay those benefits retroactively once you are past the waiting period. If your disability does not exceed the waiting period, Workers’ Comp will pay you no benefits. However, Equity’s Supplemental Workers’ Comp Plan will pay benefits for this period if you meet the qualifications. For example: You are injured and miss three days from work. You have yet to satisfy the waiting period in N.Y. state (some states have different lengths of the waiting period). While not yet eligible for WC, you can receive the Supplemental from Equity. Then you are out again for the same injury, this time for five days. You now have missed eight days from work, thus satisfying the waiting period and WC will pay for one day of lost time (Equity pays all eight). The waiting period is paid retroactively after 14 days have been lost. If you’ve lost 13 days, WC will pay six. If you’ve lost 15 days, WC pays all 15.


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