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Professional Name Protection

Equity prohibits the issuing of a professional name that is identical (or similar sounding) to that of an already-current member of the union. If a conflict exists you will be advised at the time you submit an application to join Equity that you may have to change your professional name. Equity Membership Candidates cannot secure their name until they join AEA.

At its meeting of June 24, 1986, the Council resolved to amend the Constitution and By-Laws and adopted the following policy regarding professional names:

"AEA shall not enroll an applicant under a name, nor shall a member use a name which is the same as, or resembles (so closely as to tend to be confused with), the name of an existing enrolled member, except that an applicant may enroll under and use such name professionally, upon proof of consent by the existing member, or a finding by the National Council that under the circumstances there is no likelihood of confusion, or that there are extenuating circumstances."

Remember: All contracts, billing, programs and insurance cards must show your professional name as recorded with AEA.

Click here for complete Request for Name change, Professional Name Policy, Change of Address and other membership policies and information.


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