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COBRA Continuation Program for NY State Residents

The New York State Continuation Assistance Program, which offers qualifying entertainment industry workers (and some displaced factory workers) a 50% subsidy of COBRA premiums for up to one year, was signed by Governor George Pataki in September, 2004 and has currently been in effect since January 1, 2005.

To qualify for assistance, you must:

  • Be a resident of New York State who has held a position in the entertainment industry

  • Be eligible for, or already covered by, COBRA continuation coverage through a collectively bargained benefits plan, such as the Equity-League Trust Fund

  • Not be receiving coverage from a NYS Department of Health program or Medicare

  • Not be currently eligible for employer provided coverage. In addition, for an individual, monthly income may not exceed $2,394; for a family of two, monthly household income may not exceed $3,232; for a family of three, monthly household income may be up to $4,070; for a family of four, monthly household income may be up to $4,908 and for a family of 5, monthly household income may be up to $5,746.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive up to 12 months of a 50% premium subsidy. If during this 12-month period, you become eligible for health insurance and go off COBRA, your subsidy would stop. However, if your coverage expires and you once again self-pay under COBRA, you can continue to receive whatever remains of your 12-month benefit.

  • The legislation establishing the COBRA subsidy was endorsed and supported by The Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Coalition, a group of entertainment industry unions, including Equity, guilds, social service agencies and others, coordinated by The Actors' Fund. For more information and the application form, contact:

    • Equity-League Trust Funds, / (212) 869-9380

    • Actors' Fund, / (212) 221-7300

    • Consumer Services Bureau of the State Insurance Department at (800) 342-3736


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