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In accordance with the Constitution, the Council is Equity's ultimate decision-making body, particularly regarding policy, finance and appeals. It also has the authority to adopt rules supplementing the Constitution and By-Laws. Significant policy issues and major topics of concern or controversy are vigorously debated at scheduled special orders of business. The Council defines the authority and duties and oversees the actions of Regional Boards and committees.

The Council is comprised of eight Officers and 75 Councillors. Council seats are distributed among Equity's three geographic regions (Eastern, Central, Western) determined by the proportion of members within the region, and by the percentage of those working under Equity's Principal, Chorus, and Stage Manager categories. The 2018 election is our first biennial election. This spring, 38 Councillors will be elected for four-year terms, and nine Councillors will be elected to two-year terms. In the 2020 election, half of the Council seats will be available for election, and all Councillors will be elected for four-year terms.

In 2018, the nine Councillors who will serve two-year terms will be those who receive the fewest number of votes in the following categories: four Principals from the Eastern Region, two Chorus from the Eastern Region, one Stage Manager from the Central Region and two Principals from the Western Region.

The terms for Officers were also changed so that all Officers will serve four-year terms, with the President and Regional Vice Presidents elected in one election cycle, and the remaining officers elected in the alternate cycle. The 2018 election is the final transitional election in this plan. This spring, the President and Regional Vice Presidents will be elected to two-year terms, and the 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer will be elected to four-year terms.

All Officers and Councillors are volunteers who receive no compensation for their many hours of service.

The Council meets by telephone conference approximately once a month. Members are welcome and encouraged to observe meetings of the Council as well as the Regional Boards. Minutes of meetings are available in any of the regional offices.

Paid-up members are welcome to observe Council and Board meetings, space permitting. Please call your regional office in advance to reserve space.


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