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Numerous committees are established by the Council and the Boards to discuss, advise and make recommendations on various issues.

The committee system is in many ways the true backbone of the Association. Equity's strength ultimately lies in the voluntary dedication and willingness of members to participate freely and fully in the workings of the Association's committees and negotiating teams. Council and Board members usually serve as chairpersons of committees. Almost all committees include participation by members-at-large.

All contracts have committees that address the problems and issues which develop within their jurisdiction. In addition, there are many other committees that engage in active debate and deliberation on specific issues, and make recommendations to the Boards and/or the Council. Some of these are: Advisory Committee on Chorus Affairs, House Affairs (finance and budget), Agents, Constitutional Review Committee, Alien (non-resident performers), Principal Auditions, Stage Managers, Deputy, Equal Employment Opportunity, Member Education.

If you are interested in joining a committee contact your regional Equity office.


Equity Government pages:

Regional Boards
Area Liaisons
Labor Affiliation

If you wish to join a committee, contact your regional Equity office. If you do not live near an office-city, contact your nearest Area Liaison Commitee.

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